New APIs to forward tickets and a brand new SKYPE integration - Release notes, October 13, 2018


  1. Support for secondary emails in contact export:

                        The contact export in Freshdesk now provides you with all the other emails of a contact, in addition to the primary email.

  2. Forward API:

                        Fancy forwarding a conversation using API? You'll love this update. You can also reply to a response received on a forwarded email and keep the conversation tight.

Bug Fixes:

  1. Company/Contact import failure emails:

                        At times, the emails that notify you about the failures in the contact/company import that you've recently attempted weren't sent or sent with a delay. We've fixed this and you'll receive them just in time to fix all your import woes!

  2. FreshCaller widget in Freshdesk:

                        When the user logs in for the first time, the widget errors out and doesn't show up as expected. This has been fixed and you will no longer see the forbidden error.

  3. A bug with the Interface API:

                        When the Interface API is used to disable a single line text field, the text stored previously seem to be ill-formatted. Fixed now.

App marketplace:

  1. Skype for Freshdesk: Integrate your Skype account with Freshdesk and have all your conversations in one place.

  2. LoqateUse this app to fetch the complete address information of a contact using just the pin code number (UK based pin codes)

That's all it, folks!


The forward feature looks cool, and I'd like to try to implement it. Unfortunately, I could not find any documentation for the forward API, do you know where it is available?

@Tom, Here's a sample request that can help you get started with the Forward API.

Method -> POST

Endpoint -> /api/v2/tickets/[id]/forward

Sample Request : 


"body": "We are working on this issue. Will keep you posted.",

"full_text": "We are working on this issue. Will keep you posted.",

"include_quoted_text": false,

"include_original_attachments": false,

"from_email": "",

"to_emails": [""],

"cc_emails": [],

"bcc_emails": [],

"inline_attachment_ids": [],

"attachments": [],

"attachment_ids": [],

"cloud_file_ids": [],

"agent_id": 1


Mandatory fields:  to_emails


Hello @Aravind ,

I would like to know if there is a way to forward a ticket with new attachments using your request above?

I have tryed using the same request but with form-data content type and i got a 415 error. What's the aim of these attachments property ? What should i put in to add new attachments ? 

Thank you.

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