Ticket can't be merged when it is connected to a Tracker

If a ticket has been linked to a Tracker, it will no longer show up in searches when an agent attempts to merge another ticket into it. 

Steps to repro:

  1. Create a ticket 
  2. Assign that ticket to a Tracker
  3. Create another ticket by the same customer
  4. Try to merge the new ticket into the original
Expected result:
  • Normal merging
Actual result:
  • Search for ticket ID returns 'no records' 
  • Search for customer shows all tickets for that customer apart from the one linked to a Tracker
I have a gif of this in action but it shows customer data so I've not posted it here.

1 person has this problem

Hello Dave, 

Thanks for posting this on the community. By default, merge is also considered to be an association for the ticket and hence if it is already linked to a ticket (Parent-Child relationship or Tracker), it will be skipped from the results appearing on the merge window. Is this something that you run into very often?


I see. Yes, we run into this all the time. It's really common for customers to reply from different email addresses or to send the same message on multiple tickets, so merging is a really common practise for us. From an agent's perspective, linking to a tracker and merging are two separate things so this is certainly a confusion.

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