New APIs to export contacts and a couple of bug fixes - Release notes, October 16, 2018


API to export contacts/companies: 

                You can now get all your contacts and companies stored in Freshdesk via API. This is highly useful to maintain sync if you're using an external database to store all your user information.

Bug Fixes:

  1. An issue with the Trend card widget: 

        The data shown in the trend card widget was slightly inconsistent if the account timezone and the current agent's timezone were different. This has been fixed now.

  2. Copy Link & Preview portal options in articles:

          Using these options, the articles were loaded on the primary portal even if the article category was associated with a different product. Fixed now.


Do you have links to the documentation for the API changes? Did not see the updates listed within the developer site for the updates you listed today/yesterday.

Sorry, @Alex. The updates have slipped by for some reason. I'll get the API documentation up-to-date and let you know.


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