Tickets not closing when merged

When merging tickets the secondary ticket should be closed automatically, but this feature has stopped working and we have to manually close these. how can this be turned back on

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@David, We haven't seen this happening in recent times. Are you still seeing these errors that prevent the secondary ticket from being closed automatically?


We are experiencing the same issue.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I have this problem when using the auto ticket merger app.  

We're encountering a similar issue with merged tickets, although we do understand why it's happening. We have an observer rule which automatically opens tickets when they have an update -not just the standard when the customer responds rule, but if a public or private note is added. As part of the merge tickets process, a private note is added to capture the details of the merge so although the ticket which is being merged is closed the obsever rule kicks in to reopen it because the private note has been added.

I've not yet been able to figure out a way round this using rules, but wonder whether the solution would be for the private note to be added and then the ticket is closed rather than for the actions to seemingly happen the other way round?

Does anyone else have a similar experience and knows of a way to get round this or can Freshworks comment?


Can you modify your rule to ignore a private comment since the comment is private note? Or can you ignore the option to runt he rule if the private note starts with what you see when a ticket is merged? 

Look at the below for the last interaction does not contain the statement I put below then run the actions.  

That may help . 




Brilliant! Thanks so much David. I went with the latter option of ignoring the private note if it contains "This ticket is closed and merged into ticket" and that seems to work perfectly.

Really appreciate you taking the time to reply and provide a solution.




No problem glad I could help.  I have spent numerous on creating different types of rules and use this in some of my rules for different things to ignore certain criteria. 

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