incoming emails problem

We have problems with a lot of incoming emails that are not creating the tickets.



Can you check if you have set up the forwarding rule in your mailbox?

Only after the forwarding rule is set up in your support mailbox, would emails come into your Freshdesk Account as Tickets. So, please make sure that the forwarding is configured from the mailbox of your support email address to the Forwarding Email Address, available under Admin-->Email, in the "Forwarded To" section corresponding to your email address.

This forwarding rule is for internal operation only and the Forwarded To address would not be displayed to the customer at any point.


Sorry. We're currently facing an issue with incoming emails and our team is working on a fix. 

You can follow the updates here.


Hi, we are also encountering certain tickets not coming in even though we have set the correct settings to auto forward. 

Hi Sky,

Are you still facing issues with emails not being converted as tickets? 

If yes, please write to along with the email headers of the email that reached your support mailbox but did not convert as a ticket. One of our support ninjas will be able to check the logs and provide you with the reason as to why email-ticket conversion did not take place.