Edit ticket details, a new Interface API and a few bug fixes - Release notes, October 24, 2018


  1. 'Edit ticket details' option:

                   Few users found it difficult to spot the 'edit' option on the Mint interface. The 'Edit ticket details' option has been now moved back to the original position (below the three dots menu), just like the Classic UI.

  2. Interface API - Navigate to an URL:

                        Using this new interface API, you can re-direct users to an external URL without having to open a new tab. This interface API works on the new ticket, ticket details and the outbound email page.

  3. Pagination for related tickets on the slider:

                        The slider showing the related tickets will now be paginated and allows the agent to perform bulk actions on tickets, 30 at a time.


Bug Fixes:

  1. Couple of bugs with the 'Insert Solutions' option:

                      Inserting solutions in ticket replies didn't work as intended when the agents try to insert an article that was tagged to a different portal.

    Also, if the agent tries to insert an article that has both published and draft versions saved, it always defaulted to the draft version. Fixed!

  2. A bug with the placeholder {{helpdesk_name}} :

                        The placeholder rendered the current portal name instead of the helpdesk name. This has been fixed!

  3. A bug with the requester widget:

                        Any update to the contact through the requester widget failed when the field Renewal date was configured to be a part of the widget. Fixed now!

  4.  Duplicate replies on the UI:

                        At times, we noticed that the replies were shown multiple times on the UI when the Undo Send feature was enabled. This has been fixed!


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