Sandbox environment, refreshed canned forms and a few bug fixes for the week - Release Notes, 29 October, 2018


            Enhanced customer experience for Canned forms:

                    Canned forms help you to get all the necessary details you need to help your customers. Your customers' experience with the forms has gone to another level - Happy customers and agents are such a delight, Isn't it?


                   With Sandboxyou can now test any workflow that you'd like without having to disturb your current workflow. It is a replica of your current Freshdesk setup with all rules and fields kept intact.


Bug Fixes:

  1. Focus on the time entry field:

                When the  Log time window is opened, the focus automatically shifts to the time entry field, making it easier for your agents to log time on tickets.

  2. A bug with the Team Dashboard widgets:

                When a group/product associated with a filter is deleted, the dashboard widgets break and display no information. This has been fixed now.

  3. Time entry as 00:00

                It is now possible to add 00:00 as an input in the HH:MM field - it didn't accept the value earlier.

  4. Missing ticket links:

                The unanswered tickets section didn't have the corresponding ticket IDs in the bot page. Fixed now.

  5. Editing a canned response:

                 Trying to edit a part of a canned response inserted on the reply editor, resulted in losing some of the formatting. This has been fixed now.

  6. A bug with the ticket templates:

                The agent signatures went missing on adding a ticket template on the new ticket page. Fixed now.

App marketplace:

Freshdesk <-> Freshservice integration: Set rules for ticket flow and sync your Freshdesk and Freshservice accounts with ease.


How can I set up the sandbox? Is this something you need to enable for my account?

How can we enable the Sandbox? I am not able to see it in the settings page....

@Sonia @Mile, Sandbox is available only on the Forest plan in Freshdesk :)


hi Aravind , we have Forest plan

@Mile, I'll have your Account Manager get in touch with you shortly.


We've been waiting for a sandbox feature in Freshdesk for a long time! Bummer that it's only available for your most expensive plan. We would love to see this available as an add on or possibly available for Estate Plan as well.


We are interested in testing.  Thanks.

Hello everybody :) 

We are also interested in testing sandbox in other plans than only Forest

If you have Forest Plan, here the link to setting up your Sandbox:

Have a great day!

@Alex @Stephen @Antoine, Thanks for your interest. I'll inform your Account Managers and they will get in touch with you soon to discuss the add-on possibility.


Refreshed Canned Forms: Put focus on input field.

When the responder clicks through to the next form field it would be good if the cursor was set to focus on the field. Currently, the responder has to click in the field before providing their response.


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