Afraid of making changes to your live Freshdesk account? Worry not, anymore! Introducing Sandbox in Freshdesk :)


We're happy to announce the addition of a Sandbox environment in Freshdesk - your battleground for testing and optimising your workflows. 

Breaking changes are every admin's nightmare. With Sandbox, admins can create new rules, ticket fields and a lot more and test how it would fit with the current workflow and potentially avoid any conflicts. All this without having to disturb the production environment :)

The Sandbox is a replica of your Freshdesk account with most of the configurations copied over. The Sandbox feature is a mint exclusive one available only on the Forest plan.

You can read this article to know what gets copied and how to set up the Sandbox in your Freshdesk account.




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@Aravind, the linked article shows "You are not allowed to access this page!"

We're on the Estate plan and don't need anything offered in the Forest plan. However the Sandbox environment is exactly what we're looking for. Is this available as an addon?

@Aravind, I have the same input as Marvin. We're on the Estate plan but find the Sandbox an excellent feature for us. Alternatively, could we get a couple of Forest licenses for admin users who would make use of the Sandbox for testing?

@Marvin @Sonia,

Apologies for the broken link. It should be working fine now! 

I'll ask your Account Managers to get in touch shortly to discuss about the add-on option.


Great, I would like to receive more information on the add-on function. This would be the ideal option as we do not need the additional features included in the Forest Plan.


Thanks, link is working now.

I'm interested in the add-on option. Please forward this to our Account Manager.

Thanks again


Thanks @Sonia @Marvin :) I've reached out to your Account Managers to get in touch with you. 


@Aravind Still waiting for information from our Account Manager. Would you be so kind to remind him? :-)


I'm sorry, @Marvin. I'll connect with your Account Manager and get this sorted asap.


Hi Aravind, I'm also interested by Sandbox option in my estate account. Could you please do something for me ?

Thanks in advance.

Sure, @Nicholas. I'll have your Account Manager reach out to you on this.


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