Release notes through October 30 - November 7, 2018


  1. Change the height of the CTI widget:

                     If you've integrated a telephony application with Freshdesk through CTI, you can also increase the height of the widget to your convenience.

Bug Fixes:

  1. Unable to add images to twitter responses on IE/Firefox:

                    The images added to the twitter replies weren't getting added, to the actual tweets, if the agent was using Freshdesk on IE/Firefox. It has been fixed now.

  2. Twitter replies - changing the tweet handle:

                    Agents were unable to change the handle from which the reply gets posted. Fixed now!

  3. Custom roles for agents:

                    Agents without access to "Edit ticket properties" were still able to amend the ticket data. We've made sure that they no longer can do it without proper access.

  4. An issue with the account export:

                    For accounts with huge data, the account export link didn't retrieve the file and the request got timed out. Fixed now!

  5. Error on password reset page:

                    The users who reset their password on the portal weren't redirected to the home page and were seeing an error page. This has been fixed now.

  6. Same contact gets added twice via Dispatchr:

                    If an email address is added as a CC to a ticket through Dispatchr rule, it didn't check if the contact already exists in the thread. It resulted in two instances of the same email address being added to the CC, although only one email was actually sent to the user.

  7. Full domain validation for portal URLs:

                    If your portal URL has three parts (, we advise you to modify it to hold a two-part URL ( with the help of our support team. We have recently implemented the full domain validation and it might prevent you from modifying the settings on your helpdesk.

App marketplace:

  1. Workflow maxBilling the time spent on tickets is now made easier with the new Workflow max integration on Freshdesk Mint. With this update, we're all set to make a few people smile :)

  2. Customise contact fields: Control the number of fields shown on the contacts page with this app.


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