How to stay logged into two different accounts on the same device?

I support multiple companies and currently use Freshdesk for 2 of them. Before the freshworks mint update I could log into each freshdesk account and stay logged in so when I received an email I could click the public link and view the ticket. Now it seems I can only be logged into one account at a time. Therefore if I am logged into companyA fresdesk and receive a new ticket notification for companyB I have to log out of company A and log into company B. This is way too cumbersome. How do I configure freshdesk to allow me to stay logged into to multiple company portals at the same time? I am the admin of both accounts. 


Hello Dan,

Thanks for writing this here on the Freshdesk community. The update that you're referring to is the Freshworks login, that enables users to seamlessly access any of the products from the Freshworks' suite. The unique identifier is your email address, using which we've created a Freshworks' profile for you. 

If you're using the same email address in both these accounts, you should still be able to access them on different tabs in the same browser window.

Only if you use a different email address to login to any of these accounts, you'll be prompted to sign out of the existing session and login using the other email address. At the moment, you can counter this by opening the other Freshdesk account in an incognito window or the private browsing mode in a browser, keeping the sessions mutually exclusive.

While that's not the ideal solution, it still helps you to handle multiple accounts at the same time. We're working on a feature that will allow you to log in to multiple Freshdesk accounts at the same time, irrespective of the email addresses used for login. Please keep an eye out for any announcement related to this on our Product updates forum.


Thanks for the reply. The other issue is that on the mobile device I am prompted to login 2 times. If I click on the public ticket link in the email notification I have to login once on the old freshdesk page then that bounces to another login on the freshworks page. Can you fix this so we only have to login once per account?  

Hello Dan,

When you try to access a ticket link on mobile, you'd be redirected to the login page as illustrated in the screenshot below.


Can you please click the Login here link next to the Are you an agent? option so that you can login with your Freshworks' account instead of having to login twice?


Thanks for the reply.

When I choose Login Here next to are you an agent I am taken to another login screen. That's the reason for my initial response. Why do we have to have 2 logins? I support multiple companies who use Freshdesk on my recommendation but now it is becoming too cumbersome to use. Please advise. 



I have the same request as above. I am the support agent for two separate companies, and really need to have notifications come in to my phone for both desks. I opened a Freshdesk support ticket,  and was told that I would have to sign in and out of the accounts on my phone. This does not solve the issue. I need both sets of notifications to be pushed to my phone.

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