Release Notes - 19 November 2018


  • Project Time Tracking: Agents working on Project tasks can now record time against each of their tasks. For futher details check out the solution article

  • Change Lifecycle: Change managers can now configure which fields are frozen and when throughout the lifecycle of a change request so that they remain compliant with internal processes and avoid any accidental or deliberate data modifications. 

Bug Fixes:

  • Import Agents: "Roles" field was not marked mandatory in the agent import mapping page which kept throwing errors. This has been fixed now.
  • The thumbnail images of logos and service catalog items were getting compressed and seemed pixelated. This has been fixed now. 
  • Workflow Automator: The add CC action in workflow automator was not sending email notification to the cc'd user which has been fixed now. 

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Great to have the fix in place for cc action in workflow automator as well the changes in place for the Change Lifecycle! This is very useful.

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