An exciting update to Team Dashboards, clickable contact names and a few bug fixes - Release Notes, November 21, 2018


  1. Increased limits for 'Team Dashboards':

                        You can now add up to 15 customisable dashboards in your Freshdesk account. Sounds great, isn't it? Here's another one for you - We've also increased the limits for the widgets that you can use to set up each Dashboard.

    Bar chart
    Trend Cards (Ticket, Time and SLA Trend Cards)

  2. Clickable contact names on the ticket list view:

                        You can now click your way through to a contact's profile right from the ticket list view page.

Bug Fixes:

  1. 'Tab' across fields in the reply editor:

                You can now press the tab button to focus on the CC and BCC fields while forwarding a ticket. Earlier, pressing tab would move the focus to the text area, skipping these fields.

  2. Download option for the attachments on a ticket:

                 The download option for attachments in this pane didn't work as expected. Fixed now.

  3. Remove 'Undo' button for social replies:

                    With Undo Sendyou get a 10-second window to call back your replies before it gets sent to your customers. It was misleading that it also showed up for social media replies (Twitter, Facebook). Fixed now.

  4. An issue with the timer option:

                    Closing or resolving a ticket didn't stop the timer as expected and the clock was ticking until the ticket page gets refreshed. This affected the Auto start timer app as well, resulting in indefinite time entries added to tickets. Fixed now.

  5. Android app keeps crashing:

                    Due to a platform related change, the Classic version of the Android app crashed and despite our best efforts, we weren't able to get it up and running. We've released a new version of the app that's stable and also comes with a refreshed UI. Give it a spin and tell us how you like it.

That's all it folks!


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