Enhanced JIRA integration, an awesome **GDPR** assistant and a few bug fixes for the week - Release Notes, November 23, 2018


  1. The all new JIRA plus appOne of the most popular integrations, Jira, now gets even more powerful with the addition of few features that'll make your support <-> dev interactions seamless. With the new JIRA app, you can:

    1. Connect multiple JIRA accounts to your Freshdesk account.
    2. Connect multiple JIRA issues to a Freshdesk ticket and also connect a JIRA issue to multiple Freshdesk tickets.
    3. Customize JIRA columns that need to be shown in Freshdesk once the ticket is linked with JIRA.
    4. Define agent roles to allow or restrict agents from deleting JIRA issues from tickets.
    5. Search for JIRA issues by the ‘subject’ fields as well as the issue number.  

Bug Fixes:

  1. 'Child ticket' icon missing from the ticket page:

                The indicator on the ticket details page went missing and it didn't help to identify a child ticket instantly. We've got this covered with this release.

  2. Issues with the Facebook integration:

                  Messages with only video/image and no text didn't come through as expected. Fixed now!

  3. Satisfaction survey report filters:

                   Users re-directed from the Dashboard to the survey reports page weren't able to see the filtered data. By default, it showed the 'All results' page and didn't respect the filters set in the Dashboard. Fixed!

  4. Exception while parsing Facebook attachments:

                    Due to a bug in parsing Facebook attachments, some messages didn't have the actual attachment in Freshdesk. It was very sporadic but our devs have managed to crack it :) 

App marketplace:

  1. *GDPR* assistant: 

                    This paid app (comes at a meagre $9/month/account) enables you to:

                            a. Automatically delete user data after certain periods of time. The time interval is also configurable :)
                            b. Create PDF reports, containing all interactions a specific person had with your organization.

  2. Identity integration:

                    Connect your Freshdesk account to the open-source CRM, Identity and give all the context your agent needs to help your customers.


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Aravind the JIRA PLUS plugin is not install-able for JIRA SERVER edition ? Since its asking for API key which is not supported in JIRA server. 

Could you give a detail on how to install the new plugin in JIRA SERVER ?

Also to add ca we get TIME LOGGED In freshdesk in to JIRA ? or viceversa ?

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