More power to the 'Freddy' bot, a new API endpoint and a few bug fixes - Release Notes, 28 November, 2018


  1. 'Conversation history' for the questions that weren't handled by the bot:

                        Freddy bot, your smart support assistant, can help your customers instantly when they have a question. There can be situations where the bot might not have adequate resources to answer a few questions. In such cases, we're making it easy for you to quickly view the conversation and create an article on the go.

  2. New API endpoints for contact/company import:

                        You can now seamlessly import contacts from an external system using our new import endpoint.

  3. Increased attachment limits:

                        Freshdesk now supports a limit of 20 MB for attachments on a ticket, incoming email and outgoing replies.

Bug Fixes:

  1. Hitting 'Enter' sends the reply on a ticket:

                            Even when the focus is outside the reply editor, hitting on 'Enter' key accidentally sends the response to the customer. This has been handled and it will be sent only when you hit 'CMD/CTRL+Enter'.

  2. Cursor issues on forwarding a ticket:

                            When you're trying to forward a ticket, the cursor immediately jumped to the BCC field instead of the text area. Fixed now!

  3. 'Adaptor rejected' error on tickets:

                            It occurred when the attachment limit on a ticket exceeded the limit of 20 MB. This has been handled with this release.

  4. Login form on portal pages:

                                Using the login form snippet on any portal page apart from the designated login page caused an error to appear. Fixed now.

App marketplace:

  1. CartloomConnect your Cartloom account with Freshdesk and get all the details about a customer order right from your ticket page.

  2. Escalation email to the requester: With this app, you can now send escalation email alerts to your customers when there is an SLA breach on any ticket.



Where can I find info on the Import API?

Quando será lançado a versão em Português?

É muito ruim venderem para o Brasil sendo que várias funcionalidade não tem em português 

When will this be available on Australian Servers, as we still don't have access to Freddy

@Rodrigo, The API documentation will be soon updated to include the Import API. Sorry for the delay.

@Ben, Freddy bot will soon be available by default for all eligible accounts on the AU servers but we can enable it for your account now. Please let me know if we can go ahead and enable it for you.


Hi Aravind, 

YES please, can we get this enabled? I will reply to the email you sent me. 

Sure, Ben. Looks like there's some issue in updating the bot on your portal. I'll see what I can do to get this fixed.


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