I have been receiving THOUSANDS of emails from what appears to be a Chinese address.  I turned off whatever email notifications I could to stop them from being copied into my Outlook inbox, but would like to have these emails stopped, blocked and deleted ASAP so they discontinue coming into Freshdesk. 


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Hello Chill,

Thanks for writing your first post here, at the Freshdesk community. I see that you've reached out to our support team and they're currently working on this issue along with our developers to delete these spam tickets. I've also requested them to check if there's way to block these domains from creating tickets in your Freshdesk account as a pro-active measure.


I am receiving 1000 of spam emails, how do I stop and delete them?

Same here it is insane and I cannot get any help from FreshDesk

Same happens to us from Russian adresses and we are wondering if there is a solution for this?
When the exact same emails are copied to our e-mail inbox they get marked as spam but Freshdesk filters don't catch any at all. 
Is there any solution?

Exakt the same problem here, got hundreds spams from *.ru How can I block all *.ru  mails or tickets?


This needs to be stopped by better spam filtering in your system. The resolution that everyone can configure their own rules to fix this is not enough since

a) You just offload this work to your customers instead of solving it for them. We are purchasing a service from you - make it a good one!
b) The numbering of tickets becomes useless - volume spam needs to be stopped before becoming tickets.
c) Similar to above - new contacts are created and overflowing because of spam created tickets - no resolution to this yet.

Same here. I can handle the email notifications I get but my freshdesk dashboard/inbox now has hundreds of pages of spam tickets in it making it useless to me. I can sit there and delete them a page at a time it will take weeks.

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