Click to Call, new intercept APIs and a few bug fixes for the week - Release Notes, 5th December, 2018


  1. Click to Call for Freshcaller:

                        Clicking on a phone number from the contact/company page will automatically open the Freshcaller widget, enabling your agents to quickly initiate a call from Freshdesk.

  2. New Intercept APIs: 

                        Intercept APIs are now available on the 'Forward' action in the ticket page and also in the new ticket/outbound email page when the agent tries to create a ticket. You can create a validation of sorts and allow the agent to perform these actions only when it passes the validation set.

    A typical example would be the case of restricting agents from forwarding the tickets to a non-approved domain. Using Intercept APIs, you can validate the domain to which the agents are trying to forward the ticket.

  3. API to create/update canned responses folders:

                        Canned responses folders can now be accessed via the API and you can update an existing folder or create a new one from scratch.

Bug Fixes:

  1. Changing the default status values:

                        In a few accounts, changes made to the default status names like 'Open','Pending', etc. didn't work as expected. This has been fixed now.

  2. Unable to export contacts:

                         There was a small glitch in a few accounts that prevented agents from exporting the contacts. This happened when the account didn't have the 'Unique External ID' feature enabled. Fixed now.

  3. Editing contacts from the requester widget:

                         Editing a contact using the requester widget on the ticket page, now requires the agents to fill in all the mandatory fields in addition to the default fields shown in the widget.

  4. Interface API to modify ticket properties:

                         Using Interface APIs, you can modify the values for the ticket properties like status, priority or any other custom drop-down field. However, it didn't change the values for these fields off late and started to err out. Fixed now.

  5. Using Code view to add ordered lists:

                        Using the code view in solutions, you can create ordered lists with alphabets instead of the numerical values. It didn't work earlier as it always changed it back to the numerical value.

App marketplace:

  1. YodizYou can now integrate Freshdesk with Yodiz and send ticket information to your teams working on Yodiz seamlessly.


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