iOS App Crashes

FreshDesk App Version: 4.9.3

iOS Version: 12.1

The app crashes when I attempt to view the notifications list. I've tried restarting the phone, logging out of the app, as well as reinstalling with the same results. This started after I updated to iOS version 12.

Screenshot of what I'm tapping before the app crashes.

Any app updates on the horizon?

Hello Kenneth,

Thanks for sharing with us. Our engineers are trying to debug the case and we hope to get this cracked soon. On another note, we have a new version of the app that's currently in BETA. Would you like to give it a try while we continue working on fixing this issue on the current version?


@Aravind S

Sure that would be great. I don't mind trying the beta version.

Thanks @Kenneth. We've kust sent you an invite to try the new version. Give it a spin and let us know how you like it :)


@aravind s

I'm able to clear my notifications as well as the badge alert on this beta version now.


Great to know @Kenneth. 


I have the same issue. When is the new version expected to be released? If no date could I also try the beta to see if it helps?

@Oscar, Not sure if the invite has reached you. We'll send one again to your email :)



I'm getting a Freshdesk Beta has expired when I launch the app.

@Kenneth, We've reset the expiry date for the iOS app and you should no longer be seeing this error. Ping us if you're having any issues in accessing the app.


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