Grammerly chrome extension causing issues with the Wysiwyg

Curious if anyone else experiences random typing issues when Grammarly is active on your Freshdesk domain. 

The cursor will jump around at random times.  

@Freshdesk Admins

Can we get a better integration of Grammarly into the Wysiwyg? 

Hello Dave,

We're working on an editor upgrade and you can expect this to be rolled out soon. We're hoping to cover a lot of bugs related to the editor (including spacing and cursor jumps) with this update. I'll write back here as soon as the upgrade is done.


@Dave @Yuvraj, We've upgraded the editor to the latest version. Can you please try using Grammarly with Freshdesk and let us know if it's working as expected?


seems to work ok, though I still have cursor jumps. 

Hello. Sorry we don't have such experience.


Anyone here who know the solution of this issue?

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