Review response error shows when newest response has been loaded

Review response error shows when attempting to Send and set as Closed.  The newest response has been loaded on the view. Have to force a hard refresh of the browser to be able to reply to the ticket. 

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Thanks for flagging this up. Do you see this happening often with your tickets or is it the only time the error popped up even after loading the message? 

Also, you'd be able to ignore the message and continue to send your reply on the ticket. Is that not the case here and the system blocked you from sending the response?


It happens everytime I enter a ticket shortly after it has received a reply. Usually within just a few minutes. 

I cannot reply until I do a hard refresh of the browser. Going to another ticket or even back out and back in the ticket does not allow me to send the reply yet it shows on the view. 

Any updates? 

@Dave, We had few other users reporting the same issue and it appears to be fixed now. Can you please check and confirm if you're still seeing the error?


Still happening, Not as often but it still does. 

Looking at a ticket

1 new message pops up

Click 1 new message

scroll down, read the message

type reply

click send

Someone has just responded to this ticket. Please review their responses before you hit send

@Dave, We've managed to track the reason why the error message shows up on the tickets. This alert will show up when two agents who have the 'Undo Send' feature enabled, try to send replies at the same time. This is what we call as the 'Traffic Cop' alert and it helps to prevent multiple replies from being sent to the customer. 

We had issues with our infra setup earlier but that has been resolved now. This error message would genuinely show up when, 

1. Two agents try to respond within 10-15 secs time from the previous response on the ticket. 

2. An agent tries to send multiple responses within 10-15 secs timeframe.


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