New APIs to create canned responses and a few bug fixes for the week - Release Notes, December 11, 2018


  1. Create/Update canned responses via API:

                        You can now easily import the canned answers that you've stored elsewhere to Freshdesk using these new API endpoints.

  2. Creating a ticket from the contacts page:

                        You can now click on the '+ New ticket' option on a contact page and you will be automatically re-directed you to the new ticket page with the email address of the contact pre-filled.

Bug Fixes:

  1. 'Translation missing' error on the activation page:

            Few strings were corrupted in our translation files and users were seeing a weird translation error while trying to activate their account on the support portal. This has been fixed now.


  2. Missing CC on ticket replies:

               After adding the CC on a ticket, if the agent tries to update the ticket properties, the CC'd email addresses were removed because of the update. This has been fixed now.

  3. Unable to copy-paste email addresses in the Outbound email page:

                Since the right click was disabled on the 'To' field on the Outbound email page, it wasn't possible to copy-paste email addresses from an external source. Fixed.

  4. Issue with the scheduled export of tickets:

                On a few random occasions, the agent interactions on a ticket weren't considered as a part of the scheduled ticket export. This has been fixed now.

  5. Replies to forwarded emails are getting created as new tickets:

                We identified an issue with the email threading logic because of which the responses to forwarded emails were getting created as new tickets, instead of getting appended to existing tickets. Fixed now.

  6. Values entered in the ticket form gets reset:

                When a customer tries to submit a ticket on the portal and if the email validation fails, the field values selected by the customer were wiped off and they had to re-do the whole form from scratch. We've now made sure the values are retained even if the email validation kicks in.

  7. 'Overdue' tag doesn't appear for tickets in Pending status:

                    When the ticket status is moved to 'Pending', the overdue label didn't show up even if the resolution SLA was violated on the ticket. Fixed now.

  8. 'No tickets' error message shows up on the ticket list page:

                    When there are multiple pages of tickets in a view and if you clear the tickets on the last page, the message appeared even if there were tickets in the previous pages. Fixed now.

App marketplace:

  1. YoutubeWith this integration, you can respond to comments on your Youtube videos right from Freshdesk. The app is available at $14/account/month.


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