Advice - Don't make usage changes during the busiest time of the support year

Seriously, today we are busier than ever and now my agents find Freshdesk usage has changed and not for the better.

As we use the system to log calls we initially do a search using the search box at the top right to search for a list of current customers/contacts.

We select the appropriate contact.

We check for any existing tickets and then click the + symbol to the right of the contact name to quickly create a a new ticket for them.

Now some bright spark has replaced the + symbol with a "New Ticket" which then takes you out of the contact and we have to search again for the customer a second time.

It might not sound like much but when you you are an extremely busy engineering department it is wasted time.

Please consider how removal of features will adversely affect your customers in future, if the change is necessary how about you wait until after the busiest support period of the year to make the change.

Hello Paul,

We're sorry that the change hasn't gone quite well with your agents. We heard from some of our users that they never discovered the '+' icon and always used the new ticket form to create tickets for their customers. The '+' icon has now been replaced with '+New ticket' to make it more discoverable and at the same time, it will take you to the new ticket page with the customer's email address filled in. If that is not happening, please let us know. We understand it would be cumbersome to search for the contact again on the new ticket page and it shouldn't be that way.


I apologise, to be honest I was told it was awkward to use by my agents but after testing it myself I actually find it works a little better than the old + symbol.

It resolves one of the issues we had whereby the old + symbol would open a pull out window which disappeared if you were multitasking thus deleting any unsaved entries.

I would edit the original subject/message to reflect that it was my mistake and that the changes are actually good but editing seems not to be something I can do to the OP.

Again, apologies for the rant, the update is good.


Have a little more information now...

Seems there is a bug somewhere, it is only copying the Contact name into the Contact field when clicking the "New Ticket" (from inside a contact) some of the time, other times it is leaving it blank forcing us to have to search for it twice.

Hi Paul,

Can you tell us if there's a pattern to this issue? Does the contact have any special characters or anything? 

Any additional information will help us narrow down and see when the contact field isn't filled.


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