SugarCRM integration, editor upgrade and a few bug fixes - Release Notes, December 12, 2018


  1. Editor upgrade:

                            We have updated the editor to the latest version. More updates to follow soon!

Bug Fixes:

  1. URL in the article page:

                            Agents were unable to share the URL of an article by simple copy-paste from the address bar. This has been fixed now.

  2. Bug with the anchor tags:

                            Clicking on the anchor tags in an article didn't take you to the desired position if you're logged in as an agent. Fixed!

  3. Bug with the To-Do reminder emails:

                            The reminder emails, though triggered at the right time, still had the timestamp in IST instead of the agent specific timezone. Fixed now!

  4. Unable to choose the 'From' address on replies:

                            Due to a bug with the interface API, agents weren't able to choose the 'From' address in replies when the account had a custom app installed. Fixed!

  5. Observer rule and Freshcaller:

                            The observer rule didn't work on the tickets created via Freshcaller in a few accounts. This has been fixed now!

App marketplace:

  1. SugarCRMIntegrate your SugarCRM account with Freshdesk and get all contact and lead details right from the comfort of your ticket page.

  2. Trustpilot:(PAID) Get all your product reviews from Trustpilot in Freshdesk as tickets and start earning those brownie points.

  3. MercadoLibre(PAID): Connect your MercadoLibre account with Freshdesk and get all the questions from your publication as tickets in Freshdesk.


Could I get some more information about the editor upgrade? Does this include tickets, solutions, and forums?

@Kevin, It doesn't change the way the editor works, just a performance upgrade across all these modules.


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