Ticket is missing Body text (But not subject)

This problem was posted six years ago. Support shows the bug as fixed, but I still see it today.

I have a ticket which is created by an external system emailing Freshdesk. The subject appears but the body is always blank (Its not an error on the email).

The ticket contents display in edit mode, but are hidden elsewhere.

For several months I was able to copy the text in edit mode, delete the body text, and paste it back with no formatting to make it display. That workaround no longer works. Even if I paste the text into another interface and remove all formatting I can't get it to display in Freshdesk.

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Hello Charlie,

Welcome to the Freshdesk community. Congrats on your first post here!

An email carries the message in two forms - text and HTML formats. Freshdesk looks for the HTML message in the email and creates the ticket with the content, leaving behind the plain text content (HTML takes the precedence here). If the incoming email doesn't have the content in HTML format and has just the plain text one, the ticket will be created using this content accordingly. 

Can you please share a sample header file of an email so that we can check if that's the case and see how we can make this work for you?


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