No contacts after import

When I import contacts, it says 'Import complete. 105/105 contacts import'. But I don't see the contacts. Where are the imported contacts?

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Hello Joost,

We haven't noticed any bug that prevents the contacts from being imported. If you're seeing the confirmation message, you should be able to locate the contacts in the All contacts section. Are you still having issues locating the imported contacts?


I am having the same problem.  I import contacts, match the fields and it says 31 of 31 contacts imported, check email.  I don't get an email and I don't see any contacts.  I have tried twice to import contacts.

I have the same problem, I tried to import only 1 contact (Full name and email). It say import compleded, but I don't see the contact and I don't receive the email.

Yep, I can report that this bug is still occurring!

Yep, I can report that this error is still occurring, at least in a sandbox instance.

Hello All,

Good day! 

I believe the issue lies with email deliverability. If you are still facing any issues, kindly write to us at and one of our heroes will trace the emails and let you know the reason for the same.