A fresh 'Mint' experience, Click to Call, Playstore integration and a few bug fixes - Release notes through the 3rd week of December, 2018


  1. Buttons and Header style changes in Mint:

                    Based on your feedback for Freshdesk Mint, we're working on a few enhancements that'll make it more cleaner, easier and productive for you. First up in the line are the header and buttons' style changes, making them compatible as per the accessibility guidelines.

  2. Click to Call for CTI:

                     You can now call your customers with a single click even if you're using an external telephony system with Freshdesk.

  3. Post replies to the topic:

                     On tickets created via forum, you can now reply just like how you do on every other ticket and see them appear on the forum topic as well :)

Bug Fixes:

  1. Translation error on the new ticket page:

                        Few fields like status, priority, etc. weren't showing up in the agent's preferred language. This has been fixed now.

  2. Bug with the ticket field values:

                        Ticket field values that had trailing spaces prevented the ticket from being updated. This has been fixed and it works for fields created post the fix. For fixing older ticket fields, please reach out to our support team.

  3. Keyboard shortcuts and the spotlight search:

                        Key-pressing 'Enter' after you typed in a search term didn't work when you've the keyboard shortcuts enabled. Fixed now.

  4. Orders aren't fetched from Shopify:

                        There was a mis-match in the way the email addresses were handled on both sides. This has been fixed now.

  5. Replies are sent from the primary support address (always):

                         Replies were always sent from the primary support email address even if you set the FROM value using interface API. Fixed now.

  6. Formatting of tables in replies:

                         The formatting of the tables copied from an external source weren't retained the replies. Fixed now.

  7. Global Font:

                         The font set up under Admin -> Email notifications section wasn't applied to the text entered on tickets. Fixed!

Apps marketplace:

  1. Batchbook CRMConnect your Batchbook account and start seeing all your customer information in Freshdesk.

  2. Maps: Visualise any address information on a ticket using Google Maps, right from your ticket screen.

  3. Playstore: Connect your Playstore account and get all feedback as tickets in Freshdesk.

  4. GiphyMake your replies cheerful with a splash of GIFs from the internet.


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