App Development: Cannot get list of agents

I am attempting to execute the following code, but every time I get the error message that the credentials are unrecognised.  The APIKey I am using the the APIKey associated with the administrator account.  I have also tried with the email address and password with the same effect. 

										{	headers: {
											"Content-Type": "applicationi/json",
											"Authorisation" :"Basic "+ btoa(`<<APIKey>>:X`)


Basically, I am after the list of agents and groups, which I have noticed is always loaded whenever a page is loaded, even for non-admin users.

i.e. https://<domain>>/api/_/bootstrap/agentGroups.

As this is available (via browser development tools), I'm not sure why there is no equivalent API available to Apps?


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Resolved.  The problem is I was using the English rather than American spelling.  It should have been "Authorization"

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