Bug- Search Option Problem

I found a bug in Fresh desk.At top of the screen Search button is not working only at first time it is working.

Its makes me too difficult to search the multiple tickets.

Every time am reloading the page and searching again for every tickets.

Please rectify this issue

Thank you.

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Hello Dinesh,

Can you please help us with some screenshots of the error that you see on your helpdesk? I tried searching tickets using the search option multiple times and every time, it showed up as expected. Also, can you also share your browser/OS information?


Am using Google Chrome browser Version 71.

Please do the flow by using copy and paste without typing in search field.

I think screenshot is not needed for this issue for screen level it is not showing any error.

@Dinesh, Is this still happening in your helpdesk? Can you please try clearing the cache/cookies on the browser and then perform the search?


I have tried and still not able to do copy and paste in search for multiple times.

Note: Issue is not only coming for my PC i have checked with another PC also issue is in application.

Can I have any update on this?

Hi Dinesh,

This issue seems to happen sporadically and the search option becomes unresponsive. We've registered this as a bug and we'll look to fix this on priority. I'll keep you posted on the updates.


Noted with thanks.

Can I have any update regarding this?

Hello Dinesh,

Our developers are working on the fix. I'll help you with an update when we're ready with the release date.


It seems like the problem is solved in in my case? 

Did you update Freshdesk?

@Didier, Bingo! The latest update got this one covered. Sorry for the delayed update on this thread :(


Thanks it has been fixed.

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