Expand time entry ticket notes

In Mint, the time entry notes are cut off and unable to be reviewed in full view after a time entry is submitted.  You can try viewing the notes in the time reports, but even those are cut off at a certain point.  I don't want to have to export the time reports every time I want to review time activities in a ticket.  Would like the time entry notes to be expandable or fully viewable in the ticket time logs without having to export a time report.


The note section on the timer displays a little over 30 characters and the rest of the text gets truncated. We'll look into the option of showing the entire note content on the ticket. It'd be great if you can share an average number of tickets that get affected because of this issue so that we can gauge this better.


We use the time entry notes section as the activity descriptions for our client billing so that our clients can see how much time we're spending resolving their issues.  So, our time entry notes generally have a fair amount of information in them.  I would say probably about 75% of our descriptions are not viewable in their entirety, making it difficult to review ticket activity.

Got it, thanks @Mindrey. 75% is a bit worrying :( Let me take this to the team and see what we can do to solve this problem.


Great, thanks!

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