Quick create agent, folder search for canned responses and a few bug fixes for the week - Release Notes through the last week of 2018


  1. 'Agent' role by default:

                    Earlier, adding a new agent required the admin to select the role as 'Agent' every time. With this enhancement, the new agent will be assigned the role as 'Agent' by default, saving you a couple of clicks along the way.

  2. Folder search in canned responses:

                     We're making it easier for your agents to search for their favourite canned responses with the new folder level search. Also, they can quickly insert any of the latest four canned responses used without having to search them.

Bug Fixes:

  1. Unable to close tickets from the list view:

                Even when the mandatory fields for the tickets were filled in, agents were unable to close tickets using bulk actions. Fixed now.

  2. Unable to download images:

                Agents were unable to download the inline images on a ticket using the button that appears on the image preview. Fixed!

  3. 'Review responses' error on tickets:

                 At times, agents were seeing the error 'Review responses before sending them' while trying to send a response to a ticket. This happened even when there were no updates made to the ticket. Fixed now!

  4. Unable to change 'From' address on a ticket:

                The primary support email address was always chosen as the reply address on tickets even if the agent manually selects one. We found this to be happening with accounts that had a lot of support emails configured.

  5. Url redirection for end users:

                Users trying to view an article or a forum topic, that requires them to log in, were re-directed to the home page instead of the actual link. Fixed now.

  6. Canned responses ordering:

                Canned responses will now be sorted alphabetically instead of the creation time.

  7. Unable to see default languages:

                 In the portal settings page, admins weren't able to see the default languages set for the portal. Fixed now.

  8. Creating a company with an existing 'domain' value:

                When you create a company with a domain name that already exists in Freshdesk, you will be prompted to add the contact to the already existing company instead of creating a new one.

Apps marketplace:

  1. Klaviyo:

    Run campaigns on Klaviyo and bring the contact related information into the Freshdesk ticket.

  2. Custom ticket printing:

    Pick the fields that you'd like to see in the printed version of the tickets.


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