Support for SAML, Two utility marketplace apps and a few bug fixes - Release Notes through the first week of January, 2019


  1. Support for authentication via SAML for Freshworks login:

                    You'd now be able to connect your SAML identity provider with the unified Freshworks login and authenticate your agents and customers' login to your helpdesk.

Bug Fixes:

  1. Global Font setting:

                   The font chosen under Admin -> Email notifications section didn't reflect on the ticket replies/forwarded emails. This has been fixed now.

  2. Closing tickets on the ticket list view:

                    When a ticket status is set to closed from the ticket list view, the mandatory check was skipped for the second level values in a dependant field and it didn't alert the agents on the empty fields. Fixed!

  3. Keyboard shortcuts for selecting an agent/group:

                    When you search for a specific agent or a group on a ticket and if there are matching suggestions, you wouldn't have been able to use the keyboard shortcuts (up or down arrow and enter) to choose the value on the field. This has been fixed now and you needn't juggle between the keyboard and the mouse to search and choose an agent/group on a ticket.

  4. Bug with the dashboard widgets:

                    The scorecard widgets weren't showing any data when the ticket view had one or more dropdown fields that had multiple field values. Also, the text after the integer in a field value was stripped and the bar chart displayed just the integer. Both these issues have been fixed now.

  5. Opening an article in a new tab:

                    The hyperlinks in an article didn't open up in a new tab for the agents, even if they were attributed with the right property. This was happening only for the agents (not for the users) and this has been fixed now.

App marketplace:

  1. Customize 'From' email address: Using this app, you can define the conditions based on which the 'from' email address on tickets gets populated. It can be modified based on the group, agent or any other custom dropdown field on the ticket page.

  2. AHT plus: Calculate the Average Handling Time for your agents and get the report data delivered to your inbox hourly/daily/weekly. This is highly helpful if you'd like to know how long an agent takes to solve a ticket.


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