Selecting "New Ticket" from within a contact is not autofilling the contact field with that contact

Following the update just over a month ago 

At best this means we have to search for a user, open their contact details, select new ticket and then search for them again in the Contact field to proceed, which is quite a lot of time wasted.

At worst when we have selected New Ticket from a newly created contact it does the same and does not autofill the Contact field with the contact we were in; however, as the contact has just been created there is a delay of several minutes before that new contact shows up in searches so we cannot log a ticket for a new contact.

It's a serious issue for us.

I did mention it in a previous thread and to your credit you asked me for feedback but I'm afraid I was too busy (worst time of year for us) to deal with this issue at the time.

Previous thread was...

I was asked if there were any patterns to this issue, if the contact had any special characters etc. 

Some of the problem contacts did have a special character (a colon for example) but many of them were just a name, sometimes even just a first name.

I'd say at this point most of our contacts seem to be giving us this issue and certainly all newly created ones.

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