Backspace removes additional space after removing word


I have an annoying issue where, when I delete a word using the backspace, the preceding space is also deleted.

The environment I am in is the description field, replying to or creating a new ticket. Please see the attached video.




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Super annoying.

I also raised the problem with Freshdesk Support. They were friendly as usual and promised to work on it and give me an update once fixed. 

"I will move this to the concerned team and keep the forum updated."

"Our engineering team is working on priority to have the back space to fix this at the earliest."

Looking forward to a fix.

I experience the same problem and found out that it works as expected in IE and Edge but not in Chrome.


We're sorry for the broken experience. We've filed this as a priority bug and will look to get this fixed as soon as possible. I'll post an update here as soon as I hear from the team on this.



We're working our best to get this fixed with our next release (early next week). I'll write an update here as we lock the timelines for the fix. Please bear with us.


Same issue here.  Please update us with a resolution soon. Some of my staff are really annoyed by this bug.

@Aravind can you provide an update or ETA? Continues to be very disruptive to ticket responses and giving an unprofessional look to replies where we dont notice the missing spaces until after responses are sent.

@Aravind S Hi Aravind - as per @Jamie.armstrong 's last post, could you please provide an update in terms of how much longer it is likely to be before we can expect a resolution to this issue? I appreciate this is sometimes impossible to say if you do not know what is causing the issue, however is this the case here? Or have you found the cause of the issue, and are currently in the process of correcting it for fix in a 'near future' release? Any sort of update including details such as these would be much appreciated - as others have stated, this is an 'inconvenient' and 'annoying' issue, however it also starts to look rather unprofessional if we do not realise that a space has been deleted by the 'Backspace' action and words merge into one another. 

Thanks and best regards


We have figured out the cause for the issue and the fix is currently in testing. You can expect this to be rolled out pretty soon (aiming for the next week's release). We're really sorry for the frustrating experience and we hope to turn this around pretty soon.


This can't get to production fast enough. Thanks for prioritizing this issue. 

Eagerly awaiting a fix! Driving me bonkers!

Same problem here - looking forward to a fix 

please please please fix it, it makes me crazy, especially on a monday morning when mails pile up and I have to answer a batch of them ...

Same issue here 


Seriously? Two weeks to undo a faulty commit? When I make a mistake like this, our customers demand a fix the very same day. This is quite unprofessional!