Backspace removes additional space after removing word


I have an annoying issue where, when I delete a word using the backspace, the preceding space is also deleted.

The environment I am in is the description field, replying to or creating a new ticket. Please see the attached video.




43 people have this problem

I reported this as feedback on the new "mint" ui over a year ago in Oct 2017 (ticket number 1720108 for any freshdesk people actually reading this).

I just noticed it again today. I don't know if it went away and came back, or if it's always existed (I'm not one of the primary people responding to tickets)

This is an issue staff here are reporting and I have also logged a ticket regarding this


Out of curiosity, aren't any Freshworks employees running Freshdesk on Chrome? Might want to diversify browser usage to catch things like this (and understand just how painful it is)...


We have some of our best engineers working on this. Though this seems like a relatively easier bug to fix, we're cautious about the experience in other areas that might be impacted by this.

 We're trying to get this pushed to production by this week and I'll share more updates as and when I hear from the team.


Following. We have this same issue too. 

Looks like it is in the editor: Froala Editor

Someone in Github also posted the issue.  Someone else replied that it is a feature, and not a bug -- here.  Splendid.  So will there really be a fix in the next week update?

Glad I'm not the only one who has been finding this unbearably annoying.  I broke down to coming here after searching the settings for an option to turn this off today.  

Quite shocked and disappointed that it's taken this long for FD to fix - especially after having the bug reported by a Mint tester a long time ago!

@Eric, Given that Froala considers this as a feature and not a a bug, we're trying to come up with a solution that handles this case at our end. Having said that, we're trying our best to get this fixed by the next release.

@Kirby, This issue has re-surfaced only recently and we're trying to get this fixed as soon as possible. Sorry for all the annoyance caused because of this bug :(


@Aravind, thanks for being a real person in this thread -- seriously.  There are many other companies that have forums like this but seem to provide robot-like responses.  It's good to know someone is listening and trying to improve, and that's all I can really ask.  I just hope it is fixed quickly.

The backspace issue doesn't occur in the editor of this forum though...  Just a thought.

FWIW, Froala is wrong, unless there is an on/off switch on it. Makes me wonder if their test base is VIM users?

And yes, thank you @Aravind.

Thank you @Eric & @Laurel. Your comment definitely made my week brighter - still have a lot to do for the community but it's always nice to get some love back <3 

I'll continue to share any update from the team here!


I've started using Firefox for the interim. The problem appears to only exist in Chrome.

I said it 2 weeks ago, and I stand by it: This is not a feature, this is a bug.

It doesn't fit conventional text editor behavior, it behaves differently on different browsers, and it behaves inconsistently within it's own occurrences. 3 Strikes, it's a bug.

To explain my last point on inconsistency, go into a note and type 'The Fox'. Now hit backspace 3 times to delete the word 'Fox'. It'll appear to also delete the space, and if you hit the left arrow key, your cursor will be between the 'h' and the 'e'. But instead of hitting the arrow key, if you hit backspace a 4th time, nothing will happen. Hitting it a 5th time will finally delete the 'e'. It's a strange dichotomy of the editor both not displaying the space but at the same time treating it like it still exists. This inconsistency is just confusing and troublesome. 

If this is a problem with Froala, you should reevaluate the plugins and systems you choose to use to make your product, as it's currently your product that looks bad.

back space? more like whack space.

seriously though, looking forward to getting this fixed. It is quite bothersome.