Backspace removes additional space after removing word


I have an annoying issue where, when I delete a word using the backspace, the preceding space is also deleted.

The environment I am in is the description field, replying to or creating a new ticket. Please see the attached video.




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We are noticing this problem frequently.  Is this happening in the latest version of chrome ( 75 )?

Hey moderators, this is NOT solved.  Still happening.  I even went to the trouble of attaching a GIF to show it.

Why are you suppressing my comments, and why is this marked as being solved?

It happens inconsistently. What is the deal with this.

@Craig Conover - It happens every time I reply.  See my GIF from June 3, 2019.  I can always reproduce.

@Eric  They are unlikely to fix this any time soon.  It is against their company culture.  My company (we do software) would have fixed this in three days.  We take pride in our product.

@Gregg Zimmerman - I don't doubt you. It used to be 100% of the time for me then it was fixed, for some time, and then I started seeing it happen occasionally. 

And no need to slander Freshworks engineering. I'm sure they are concerned about this but as I understand it, it is more complex than it seems. I'm sure your company has had times where it had a bug that your customers didn't know the underlying complexities, dependencies, etc.

That said, i hope there is a fix for this soon. it is really annoying.



The underlying issue is that Freshworks is labeling this as Solved when it is not.  If they are looking at their own list of tickets, this one isn't likely to get any attention because of that.  My hopes are also dim.  I would be slightly more hopeful if at least they would remove that label.  Just like my own ticket system, the items that are listed as Solved aren't getting any attention.


I really wish a Freshworks person would chime in as to why they are labeling this as Solved, when it is clearly not.

Yes, I know, it was Solved, as far as we all knew and then it started happening again.

I agree that someone fro Freshworks should chime in though.

Awesome! This annoying little thing is back now-- been happening again for at least the last 2-3 wks.

Please, for the love of all that is holy, stop this from happening... again. 

The issue was never solved for me.

I opened a ticket with Freshdesk support asking why this issue was marked as solved.  After a bit of a run-around, it was assigned to @Aravind S

Still, no change...

Still nothing?  Wow.

It is ironic that this was first reported in a post titled "FreshDesk is Listening... Backspace NOT Working Correctly"

Freshdesk is certainly not listening.  In fact, I opened a ticket on this subject that is going nowhere.  New title: "Freshdesk is Ignoring".


I figured out why this isn't being fixed! I just learned today that it is unnecessary to place two spaces after a period, exclamation or question mark. Look it up for yourself if you are throwing up your hands. It's crazy. I feel like I am learning to type all over again now because all my keyboarding and computer classes taught two spaces.

Now, this makes sense why this is happening. It was actually auto-correcting!

So, the question is now, why they heck didn't anyone else mention this?

So, any chances this will ever actually be fixed? 

I think the question now should be. "Is there really anything to fix?" I guess that depends on whether you type one or two spaces after sentence-ending punctuation.

This has nothing to do with sentence ending punctuation, but single spaces between words during normal typing. Let's say I change my mind about a word choice, and try to change it, the preceding space is deleted and then I'm just creating typos. 

So yes, there is still a major bug that needs to be fixed. 

To be clear, this has been an annoyance to me because I used to type two spaces after ending punctuation. Freshdesk would always remove one of the spaces if I ever tried to correct typing after it. Now that I am typing like a modern typist (one space after ending punctuation), I have no issues at all. So, I will just agree to disagree with you here that it really does have to do with ending punctuation.

@Anton, if you are seeing it behave differently, could you provide a screen recording of what you are seeing? I think that is the most helpful when trying to communicate about this nasty thing.