Backspace removes additional space after removing word


I have an annoying issue where, when I delete a word using the backspace, the preceding space is also deleted.

The environment I am in is the description field, replying to or creating a new ticket. Please see the attached video.




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Can confirm this, we have the same issue. CTRL+backspace is simply not an option, you don't expect a space between words being removed when you remove the word (or just a few letters of it), because you made a typo. Please fix this, it's driving me insane!

This is making my entire company want to scream and throw things. Especially since there's a slight lag on the deletion of the space, so sometimes you have already started typing the new word and have to actually go back and insert it.

Very annoying issue. Has been happening for a few days now. At first I thought it was a slight keyboard glitch but it seems that it is 100% reproducible each time for me. Using Chrome for Windows. 

Please refer to the small GIF below:


@Aravind, thanks for being a real person in this thread -- seriously.  There are many other companies that have forums like this but seem to provide robot-like responses.  It's good to know someone is listening and trying to improve, and that's all I can really ask.  I just hope it is fixed quickly.

The backspace issue doesn't occur in the editor of this forum though...  Just a thought.


We have figured out the cause for the issue and the fix is currently in testing. You can expect this to be rolled out pretty soon (aiming for the next week's release). We're really sorry for the frustrating experience and we hope to turn this around pretty soon.



We're sorry for the broken experience. We've filed this as a priority bug and will look to get this fixed as soon as possible. I'll post an update here as soon as I hear from the team on this.



We're working our best to get this fixed with our next release (early next week). I'll write an update here as we lock the timelines for the fix. Please bear with us.


The problem is back, and it's sooooo annoying. Please fix it again.

Honestly, this seems like such a small deal but it is absolutely infuriating-- particularly when already stressing from handling a bunch of PEBKACs and ID10T issues.

Please make this stop ASAP!

I am screamingly mad about this today... it's just driving me crazy. Especially if you want to finish an email 5 mins before leaving the office...
I am so angry, I could bite a piece off my desk. Please have someone look into it.

This is still ongoing. All of my team are on furlough right now, and I need to be working at maximum efficiently in order to stay on top of 5 peoples workload by myself. This issue is causing me needless delay in a time where every second counts. Will be very much looking forward to this finally getting resolved.

Having the same issue, it is extremely frustrating.

Based on the link BRB posted earlier, the bug was confirmed as a bug in froala, and as of yesterday they provided a fix:

It seems to be committed to master, so possibly updating the froala and using the htmlUntouched flag could possibly resolve the issue (obviously you have tons of testing to do, and I appreciate you aren't making huge changes without testing first).

Thanks for looking into this, hopefully the recent froala update will make resolving this easier.

Absolutely an unacceptable change. I'd expect the Freshdesk ticket text window to behave like any and all other text fields. This change adds frustration and time when responding to client tickets, and is a downgrade to the overall Freshdesk experience. This is not a feature, this is a bug. Please revert this change asap.

Thank you @Eric & @Laurel. Your comment definitely made my week brighter - still have a lot to do for the community but it's always nice to get some love back <3 

I'll continue to share any update from the team here!