API to reply back on an existing ticket by an user

I couldn't find any API using which a customer can reply back to a ticket.

I tried using conversations API's reply/note endpoints but "reply" endpoint is creating a conversation reply by the logged in agent while "note" endpoint is creating a note without any contact.

I there any API I'm missing out or this feature is not available?

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Hello Pankaj,

At the moment, we don't have an API that lets the customers to respond to a ticket. All APIs are authenticated with agents' password/API key. 

If you're trying to set this up on an external application, you can mask the agent API and include the user_id in your request so that the comments are registered on behalf of the customers.


Hi Aravind,

Thanks for you fast reply.

Please correct me if I didn't understand the term "mask the agent API", I feel masking means creating an agent profile and using it's user id in the "reply" endpoint and considering it to be sent by the customer?

Yes, Pankaj. Unfortunately, that's the only option we can work with for now. 




Actually i tried to create a reply using user_id. But its throwing me an error:

{"code":"invalid_user","message":"You are not authorized to perform this action on behalf of this user. id:2043024834995, name:Anita.jose"}

Any idea why this is coming?.

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