How do we include quoted text in agent replies?

We want to have the option to include quoted text/previous messages in the thread whenever we respond to a ticket. This quoted text features apparently only applies to forwarding messages. How do we implement this when replying to ticket comments?

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An official answer from Freshworks on the topic would be great.. There are a lot of open topics like this and either we're all doing something wrong or this feature has the wrong priority in PM :)

From most email clients we know the following options to handle quotes:

1) Copy from the quoted email thread up to the response section and put answers below it.

2) Directly edit the quoted email thread below the response section.

Number 1) doesn't work at all in Freshdesk. Number 2) is broken. You can edit the full email thread but really weird things happen once you do, for example the curser will not delete text where it is but somewhere else, and you can't get from quoted text to non-quoted text by adding new lines.

Any help would be appreciated.

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