Not Receiving Tickets


I have not been receiving tickets on my system since Saturday evening.

I have checked the forwarders and they are okay and my support mail is okay since I can see mails coming to but I still cannot see any ticket on my fresh desk dashboard.

Kindky advise.

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We have the same problem since this morning.  All emails are received in our support account but no more tickets are created in Freshdesk.

We have the same problem since yesterday evening. I can see emails in our support account, but none of them werw converted to ticket in freshdesk. 


We have the same probleme since yesterday. Any news ?

Any news?

@Travis @admin @Daniel @Martin, That's so unfortunate. We're sorry for whatever has happened. We added a fix to handle a different case but looks like it unintentionally broke your workflow. Are you forwarding emails to Freshdesk from an email that's mapped to a distribution list?


Please any news?

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