Bring your field technicians to Freshdesk

Hello everyone,

Freshdesk is soon going to launch our new Field Service Management module. 

Businesses that offer products and services to their customers often run into problems that demand on-site services from a technician. Not always, though, are your contact-center agents aligned to field technicians, causing delays, assignment hurdles or lack of insight into the job itself - all resulting in sloppy customer support. Moreover, management has little insight into the performance of their mobile workforce making it harder to identify the root cause of customer angst. Freshdesk's Field Service Management will let your agents communicate with, and assign tasks to your field workforce right from within Freshdesk. 

We would love to hear from you about your field service use-cases - we value your feedback and we think it'll help us shape the module. If you're interested in getting an early peek, please let us know by replying to this thread or sign up on this beta page: 

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What a good idea !

We do not have a technician on the move but technicians in our technical department. I look for several months a solution to deal with product returns, repairs. I hope that Freshdesk will be able to introduce this (RMA, repair, refund, intervention report etc)


Du nouveau ?


Good stuff! When exactly do you think this field service will be available? We are looking for a solution at the moment

Sounds great! When will you be releasing to beta? We are looking for a field service app currently so would be good to try.

Sounds fantastic. It could be the tool we are looking for.

It is important that the technician on-site can perform an error analysis and log these errors in the field service management. I imagine that there is a dropdown list where the errors can be selected. Errors should have a description AND an internal technical codes. Same for machine and parts. Technical Codes are impotant for communication with other systems and analytical reasons.

On a large machine, the technician should be able to select the part and assign one or more errors.

Here is a very basic Wireframe I made. I am happy to provide more input and ideas any time!


Any news on a release date?

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