Email CC bug - people in CC gets dropped when agent replies



We've got an issue where a user will create a ticket with several people on CC.

When our agent replies, some of the CC:ed people are lost.

Please see the attached screenshot.

And no, the agent has not changed the CC field.

This is critical to us and our clients.

3 people have this problem

Several days and no response.

This issue is critical for communication with our clients

Sorry about this, Bgh. Do you see this occurring frequently on tickets or does it happen to only a specific agent?

Is there a pattern to this issue so that we can quickly debug where it went wrong?


The issue is not limited to a specific agent or a group of agent.

We've not seen any pattern to this issue, only that it seems to happen more frequently if there are a lot of people on CC.

+1 to this. 

  • Agent adds a response /w CC to the ticket in platform
  • CCd person responds via email and ticket is updated
  • Agent replies to the ticket and the CC is lost

We started getting reports of the same thing a few weeks ago.  I've been able to reproduce the problem based on the steps Shelby Phillips posted.

Any updates here from FreshDesk? We have provided clear steps and other users have duplicated. 

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