Freshconnect iOS app and a flurry of bug fixes before the next big release :D - Release notes through the first week of February, 2019


  1. iOS app for Freshconnect:

                        Continue your discussions on the fly with the new iOS app for Freshconnect. You can sign up for the BETA version here.


Bug Fixes:

  1. A bug with Facebook integration:

            Comments with links weren't getting created as tickets in Freshdesk. Not to worry - we've got this covered now.

  2. Incomplete Ticket ID in the 'Merge tickets' window:

                If the ticket subject is large, the ticket ID didn't have enough room since it appeared at the end of the subject. We've now moved it to the beginning so that you'll not miss them anymore.

  3. Failing replies on tickets:

                At times, agents were getting an error message "Oops! Something went wrong and the message was not sent" while responding to a ticket. Fixed now.

  4. Error on updating tickets when there's a mandatory dependant field:

                The ticket update failed when there was a mandatory dependant field in one of the dynamic sections. This particularly happens when the type of the ticket is changed and the field becomes no longer a part of the dynamic section. Fixed now.

  5. Cannot add 'Occasional' agents:

                Admins were not able to add occasional agents to the helpdesk because of a recent change. We've fixed this and you can now add as many occasional agents as you like :)

  6. Editing the subject of an Outbound email:

                Agents were unable to edit the subject of a ticket created via an Outbound email and they had to switch back to the Classic version to do this. We've now brought back this option in the Mint UI under the 'Edit ticket' option.


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