Your ticketing experience just got 'refreshed'!


Ever since we launched Freshdesk Mint, we have been hearing a lot of feedback about the ticket page and how we can make it better. Today, we have shipped a few changes and we hope you'll love the new experience on the ticket page.

  • Customer and agent responses are more distinguishable with the color coded conversation cards

  • Tags are moved to the ticket properties section making it easier for your agents to look up and update

  • First response due and Resolution due have been moved to the top of the ticket properties section, making the page less cluttered and the ticket fields look more legible now.

As always, we'd love to hear your feedback about the new layout. You can write your suggestions/feedback here or send an email to support(at)freshdesk(dot)com.


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These are some good enhancements.

Would it be possible to consider the following:

1. Keeping the ticket subject line on screen when scrolling down? I wonder whether this could be added next to the ticket ID?

2. Add a forum icon to a 'reply', 'note' and 'forward' (similar to suggested solutions) so we can link to a forum topic?

Great improvements, thank you! Keep up the good work :)

All great changes, but has moving the tags affected the ticket section of the API? 

Our API pull fails on the tags, but it's been working fine for months... until this morning

Hi, the changes are great, but one thing is not so good. We wan't to change the Resolution due, where are the first response due is active. 

This is only possible if we change the status to "open". We want to change it in other status, too.

Here a screenshot.


The changes are good overall.  The problem is that you assumed that Tags should be at the top.  This is a prime location that is wasted for us.  We have little use for this field and do not want to see it here.  Why is it not a field that I can manipulate in Admin ► Ticket Fields?

I would say this is the best upgrade to the UI including the initial Mint introduction. Very easy to read. The thing I liked about the old UI is that it was easy to distinguish fields from each other. The trend with very smooth, low contrast, non-saturated color schemes is that everything blends together. This UI uses the easy-on-the-eyes color scheme in a way that still makes it easy to see things clearly.

Tags no the properties panel - THANK YOU! Now we just need the Summary to be a slide out so I don't have to scroll to the top to know there is a summary and read it.

Well done!

To Gregg's point, make the order of the field customizable. Wasn't that a feature in the old UI or am I thinking of a previous system I was using?

How about widening the Assign To field so that you can see both the Group and Agent details

Using color to visually distinguish between customer and agent replies is cool, but the ticket page would become insanely more useful if you'd collapse the previous conversation within customer replies. As requested by someone else before: Especially for longer conversations this would be really helpful. 

These changes are great! My only comment is that since this upgrade, we are unable to change the time of the reminder set on a to-do list item. Is anyone else experiencing this?

Definitely need to be able to change due dates in a status other than Open.  It takes an extra 3 clicks to change the due date (change status to Open, click Update, then click Edit to change the date).  Our agents are resistant to changing the dates already because it takes so much time and this will just have them resist more and just have things go overdue instead.  Plus need to be able to see the due date regardless of status - right now, can only see it in the Open status.  Need to make changing the date easy!

@Daan de Wit - great idea. I just replied to that forum post with that idea.

@Adam, Thanks for the feedback :) Making the subject line sticky is something that we'll definitely explore for the future releases :) The other idea of adding a forum topic suggester is so cool - I can imagine myself using it often :D 

@Michael, Thanks a ton!

@Gio, That shouldn't happen, ideally! Are you using the 'View a ticket' API to fetch the ticket information? I just tried it and it works without any issues. I'll work with the team to find out the root cause - Can you give us an X-Request ID of the failing API call that we can search in the logs?

@Aravind - Not to worry, I've raised a ticket through your helpdesk so it's being dealt with through there. Thanks for coming back to me though. 

@Oliver, Thank you. Unfortunately, the SLA due time update would fail if we allow the agents to edit the due time on other SLA off statuses. This requires a bigger change in the way we handle the SLA timers on different statuses. We'll definitely consider this as a part of the future enhancements.

@Gregg, Thank you :) Glad you liked the changes! We'll make sure the 'tags' field also follows the same order as in Admin -> Ticket fields section. That should work, what do you think?

@Craig, You've been there with us for a very long time and it feels great hearing this from you. Thanks for the continued support, Craig :)
We'll see how best we can give you the option to move around the 'tags' field in the ticket properties section. We've a few exciting ideas around the Summary app - will keep you posted when we pick them up for development.

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