REST API and Custom fields Update


I cannot update custom field dropdown in a ticket using the REST API. I can create a new ticket, so that works fine. Can anyone help me out? See attachments...

Thx - Arnoud van Heumen

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So, is there a Solution yet? Have the same problem.

Want to update the field via API and in my opinion it is not possible. 

Not with Text-Value nor with Dropdown-ID-Value

For everyone searching for the solution it´s something I found on stackoverflow after wasting some time trying to update my custom_fields into my ticket.

I don´t know if I am able to post external links but the solution is something like this:

Don´t use like mentioned in the api

"custom_fields": {"cf_field1":"Test"}

But use:


You can search on Stackoverflow for the post:

How to use Freshdesk API to create a new ticket with custom fields using javascript

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