New marketplace apps and a few more bug fixes for the week - Release Notes, February 14,2019

Bug Fixes:

  1. Issue with the company/contact import and export options:

                For accounts without the Customer Segments feature, the import/export functionality didn't work as expected. Fixed now.

  2. Unable to set a To-Do reminder on a ticket:

                Agents were unable to set a reminder for the To-Do item on the ticket. We noticed this breakage post the release of the new layout and we've fixed it now.

  3. Delete option in the Spam and Trash views:

                You can now bulk delete tickets in the spam or the trash views, just like how you do it in the other ticket views.

  4. CSS issue with Canned forms:

                Due to a CSS override, the canned forms weren't visible on a few portals. Fixed now.

Apps marketplace:

  1. Steps: Admins can now create task lists that need to be done by the agents based on a ticket property. This will pre-fill the To-Do list on a ticket, based on a given condition.

  2. Pardot: Connect with Salesforce's marketing automation software, Pardot and easily view, update or create a prospect right from your Freshdesk screen.

  3. Map on Click: You can now easily view your customer's location without having to move away from the Freshdesk ticket page.


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