An enhancement for Search, an Interface API update and a few other bug fixes for the week - Release Notes, February 19,2019

Release timings:

US Datacenter - February 18, 11.40 am GMT

EU, AU and IND Datacenter - February 19, 2.50 am GMT

Bug Fixes:

  1. Interface API to hide the 'Edit ticket' option: 

                After the changes to the ticket details page, the interface API to hide the 'Edit ticket' option wasn't working as expected. The 'Edit ticket' option appears in two locations and using the interface API, it wasn't possible to hide this option in the ticket description. Fixed now.

  2. Unable to create tickets for contacts with only phone numbers:

                Agents were unable to create a ticket for contacts that had just the phone number associated, without an email address. Fixed.

  3. Increasing timeouts for search results:

                The timeout has been increased to 10s, considering the accounts that have large data to be indexed.

  4. Segments filter appearing empty:

                The filter to create Customer Segments appeared empty in the contacts and companies page. Fixed now.

  5. Custom mailbox and Sandbox as add-on features:

                Accounts with both Custom mailbox and Sandbox added as add-on features, lost access to setting up their own mail server using the custom mailbox option. Fixed now.


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