Three new marketplace apps and a few bug fixes for the 3rd week of February, 2019

Release timings:

US Datacenter - February 21, 10.15 am GMT

EU, AU and IND Datacenter - February 22, 2.50 am GMT

Bug Fixes:

  1. Unable to export recent data using the account export option:

                Account administrators were unable to get the latest data out of Freshdesk using the Account export option. The generated file always had the historical data except for a few missing weeks' of recent data. Fixed now.

  2. Issue with 'SetOptions' Interface API for dependant fields:

                It wasn't possible to set the field values for dependant fields using this Interface API earlier. Fixed now.

  3. Using ,(Comma) as delimiter in tags:

                When multiple tags were added with ,(comma) as the delimiter, instead of displaying them as individual tags, the comma was retained and it appeared as a single tag. Fixed.

  4. Unable to invite agents:

               This one's related to the previous issue - using comma to specify multiple agent email addresses in the 'Invite your Team' section didn't work as expected. Fixed now.

Apps marketplace:

  1. Hide fields: Using this app, you can define rules to hide fields based on a ticket property in the ticket details page and the new ticket page.

  2. Set ticket field optionsUsing this app, you can show/hide the options in a dropdown field based on the selection in another dropdown field.

  3. Skype V2You can now integrate your Skype account with Freshdesk Mint and start video calling your customers right from Freshdesk. 



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