Quickbooks integration for Mint and a few bug fixes - Release notes through 28 February - 7 March, 2019

Bug Fixes:

  1. Quick actions - selection behaviour:

            The quick actions menu pops up on typing '/' in the reply and if the user hits 'space', the first option gets automatically selected. We're fixing this behaviour so that you can continue typing the responses without any interruptions and the menu would fade away on hitting the 'space' button.

  2. Global BCC - Reply focus issue: 

            If you've set up a global BCC address, the cursor position always defaulted to the BCC field in the editor on a ticket irrespective of a reply or a forward action. This has been fixed so that you'll always start with the text area(Reply) and the 'To' field (Forward), just as expected.

  3. Ticket CC getting updated:

            If the ticket originally didn't have any CC attributed, the CC'd emails added in the middle of the conversation appeared as if they were originally added to the ticket. Fixed now.

  4. Data API to get the requester details didn't work:

            Using Data API to get the requester details didn't work if the requester of the ticket is an agent. Fixed now.

Apps marketplace:

  1. Quickbooks for MintTrack time and generate invoices in Quickbooks or look up for existing invoices for a contact, all from within Freshdesk.


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