Launching the new help widget - early access

Hi everyone,

We’re super excited to launch a new version (beta) of the feedback widget this week. With the new help widget, you can:

  • Embed a branded contact form on your website or product.
  • Show solution articles wherever your users are.
  • Optimize for deflection, by guiding users to solution articles before they reach out to you.

And that’s not all. Beyond just a simple contact form, the new widget can actually help you understand when your customers are frustrated. 

For instance, if a button on your site isn’t working, and a customer is clicking on it many times hoping it’d work, the widget can popup and ask if they need help. We’re also planning to add more signals to determine if customers are frustrated on your website (like, when they scroll up and down a couple of times, clearly looking for something). If you’ve got ideas on more signals we can add, we’d love to know!

Over time, this widget will evolve to support bots, and provide options for you to include other channels (like chat) as well.

If you'd like to give the beta a shot, please leave a comment below. Just so you know, when we enable the beta: 

  • Your existing popup feedback widgets will continue to work, but you'll no longer be able to access the settings for it from Admin. 
  • Your existing embedded feedback widgets will work, and you'll be able to create new embedded widgets from a renamed section in Admin called Feedback form.


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I try setup a custom button for FreshDesk widget but it doesnt't work. What I doing wrong? In attach example. I make it by this article

(656 Bytes)

Hi Sergey,

In line #8, can you please change openwidget() to openWidget()

The 'W' should be in upper case. I've fixed this in the HTML file I've attached. You can download and try it out as well :) 

We'll update the article and make this correction as well, Sergey!

(656 Bytes)

I've added the widget to my Angular SPA application, it looks great!

However, I would like to change the contents of the help widget based on the page where the user is working.
I tried to do it by defining 2 widgets in FD. But I am unable to replace the widget that was initially loaded with another widget:

So for example:

Start site: -->  load widget 1
Navigate on site: ->  unload widget 1, load widget 2

Note that because it is a SPA, there a no real 'reloads' on navigation changed.

Also i would like to be able to register a user in FD after logging in, for example so I can show FD articles that are "Logged in users only".
Is this possible?

Hi Arthur,

We do have plans to let you customize what shows up in the solutions section, on certain pages. It might take some months before we have this live though.

For now, you can see if you can destroy widget 1 and load widget 2 on pages where you want widget 2. Or vice versa. Although I think it's not a great approach. 

About showing solution articles restricted to logged in users: we're currently working on the ability to let you authenticate users and show such articles. This should be out in about a month. 


Hi Shankar, 

The widget is great, thank you for introducing it! 

A nice thing would be adding a button in the article page in the widget, which will open the full the article page  in the support portal, in a separate window

First, viewing large support articles in the small popup window is not always comfortable (images get very slow, text is too long)

Second, this encourages users to visit the support portal, which is the goal.  

Something like this:


Does this make sense? 

Will appreciate adding this a lot. 



Hi Igor, thank you for the feedback. This is in our plans :) should take a while though!

Hi Shankar!

Unfortunately, I didn't receive your response about the Screenshot feature. 

Are you planning to deal with those things related to endless circles for all browsers (except Chrome)?


We currently use a screenshot library to generate those screenshots in browsers that are not Chrome.

We don't have control over the library. We don't plan to improve it. Thanks for understanding!

Wonderful job, how can we customize it (color, position, ...)? The "old" one had parameters in the build form

Hi Luca,

From the Blossom plan onwards, you can create multiple widgets and you can customize the color and position of each widget, Luca.

I understand you'd want to change based on page content, on certain pages (in case the widget is hiding something). 

Is there a reason why you'd want to customize the color of the same widget in different pages? 

Hi Shankar,

Can you enable the new widget for our account?

Hi Kevin, the feature is now available in your account. You can use Cmd+Shift+R (on Mac) or Ctrl+F5 (on Windows) to see Widgets in the Admin page.

Hi everyone,

In March 2019, we launched the new help widget. It was intended as a replacement for the popup feedback widget. Since then, hundreds of Freshdesk customers have tried out the widget, and have been using it on their websites. They've given us their ideas and suggestions, and we've been making several improvements since we launched.

The help widget is on par with functionality offered by the popup feedback widget. It's also customizable with your branding, has APIs for advanced functionality, a better screenshot option and more. You can learn more about these features here.  

On March 31, 2020, we will be deprecating the popup feedback widget and moving all our customers to the new help widget. If you're already using the popup feedback widget on your website, you'll need to create a new help widget, and replace your existing popup feedback widget with the help widget.

The embedded feedback widget will continue to work on your sites. It will be renamed as 'Feedback form' in the Admin page. If you need help with replacing the popup feedback widget with the new help widget on your site, please reach out to If you don't see the help widget on your account, please apply for access by leaving a comment here in this thread.

Hi Shankar, we currently use the feedback widget and it has become a big source of our customer tickets. We have an automation set up to assign these tickets created by the Feedback widget to our staff account. Will we be able to set up the same automation with the Help widget? I didn't see it listed as an option as a Source.

Also is there a way to display the widget without clicking a button? In other words is there a way to embed the widget similar to how the feedback widget is embedded now?


Hi Cmerrell,

The source for tickets created using help widget will be 'feedback widget'. I understand this is confusing, we're thinking of ways to make this easy to understand. Your automation rules that depend on 'feedback widget' as source, will continue to work.

By 'not clicking a button' experience, do you mean a simple form that is part of your webpage, like the embedded feedback widget? 

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