Launching the new help widget - early access

Hi everyone,

We’re super excited to launch a new version (beta) of the feedback widget this week. With the new help widget, you can:

  • Embed a branded contact form on your website or product.
  • Show solution articles wherever your users are.
  • Optimize for deflection, by guiding users to solution articles before they reach out to you.

And that’s not all. Beyond just a simple contact form, the new widget can actually help you understand when your customers are frustrated. 

For instance, if a button on your site isn’t working, and a customer is clicking on it many times hoping it’d work, the widget can popup and ask if they need help. We’re also planning to add more signals to determine if customers are frustrated on your website (like, when they scroll up and down a couple of times, clearly looking for something). If you’ve got ideas on more signals we can add, we’d love to know!

Over time, this widget will evolve to support bots, and provide options for you to include other channels (like chat) as well.

If you'd like to give the beta a shot, please leave a comment below. Just so you know, when we enable the beta: 

  • Your existing popup feedback widgets will continue to work, but you'll no longer be able to access the settings for it from Admin. 
  • Your existing embedded feedback widgets will work, and you'll be able to create new embedded widgets from a renamed section in Admin called Feedback form.


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Hi, Shankar.

The new widget is much more visually appealing. Well done.

I do have a couple of comments for improvement.

1. Using the older widget, as soon as a customer began typing in a search term, the widget would dynamically return solution results that matched that text before the customer even clicked the "search" button. On this new widget, nothing happens until the search button is actually clicked. This is a minor issue, but I liked the way the previous widget behaved better.

2. As you can see from the two screenshots I attached, the widget pops up with a scroll bar. This in and of itself is not very appealing. However, the bigger issue is that you don't even see the option to open the "Contact Us" form unless you scroll down to the bottom of the widget; it's not visible when the widget launches. Even more of an issue is that it took me several minutes trying to find it to even know that there was something else (a very important something else) below the visible scroll line. In the settings for the previous widget, we could control the size of the widget launch window to accommodate additional content. However, I can't find a setting to increase the launch window to eliminate the scroll bar. Am I missing something?

Thanks for you and your teams efforts to improve the product!


Hi Darren, we're working on it. Should take a couple of weeks. We'll update our developer portal with the documentation for the APIs.

Hi Frank, enabled the feature in your account :) give it a spin and tell us what you think! 

Hi Paul, 

Great to hear! :)

Hi Ragu,

1. It does everything the old feedback widget did - except two things:

a. the new widget doesn't have a way to capture screenshots quickly, like the old one did.

b. in the new widget, you won't be able to prefill fields in the form when the user opens them.

We're working on prefill functionality, and it should be out in a couple of weeks.

2. When you enable the new help widget, the old feedback widgets that you may have embedded will continue to work. You just won't be able to access 'feedback widget' settings in the Admin section to create more feedback widgets. If you ever want to disable the new help widget, the old feedback widget section in the Admin page will become accessible. 

Hi Horváth,

We're going to be working on custom text support and multilingual forms, soon.


Hi Deepak,

Let's say that, in your web application, you store the currently logged in user's name in the variable username and their email address in the variable currentemail. To prefill details like name and email, you'll have to use the identify API, like you see in the sample code below. 

<script type='text/javascript'>

FreshworksWidget('identify', 'ticketForm', {

  name: username,

  email: currentemail,



You can inject this code on any web page. When the help widget is opened on any page where this code is present, the form would be prefilled with the username and email of the currently logged-in user. Depending upon the framework or language you're using in your web app, and your environment, the way a variable might be defined might be different. You'll have to dig a bit on that. 

To prefill the subject, you can use the prefill API in a similar way.

<script type='text/javascript'>

FreshworksWidget('prefill', 'ticketForm', {

  subject: 'insert your subject here',



On every page, you can pass a different subject to the prefill API.

Hi Vladimirchebanenko,

Thank you for the feedback. We'll start working on this in about five weeks. 

Hi Ragu and Lizier,

The widget is now available in your accounts.

Hi Arthur,

We do have plans to let you customize what shows up in the solutions section, on certain pages. It might take some months before we have this live though.

For now, you can see if you can destroy widget 1 and load widget 2 on pages where you want widget 2. Or vice versa. Although I think it's not a great approach. 

About showing solution articles restricted to logged in users: we're currently working on the ability to let you authenticate users and show such articles. This should be out in about a month. 


Hi Mike,

Your account is on the beta now :)

Hi there,

We're working on documentation, and it'll be published soon. We've worked on prefill, hide, clear APIs for the widget.

We'll work on the option to set certain solution articles to appear in certain pages, in a few months.

Hi everyone,

Just enabled the widget on all your accounts! Please do try it out from Admin > Widgets and tell us what you think :)

@Sara: Great to see the widget live! And good point about the contact option - we'll work on it and make sure it shows as a sticky perhaps, if you choose the 'neutral' mode. 

Hi Christian,

Thank you for the feedback - we're thinking about disconnecting the login settings for the portal and the widget. 

Hi Martin,

Just reached out to you over email to troubleshoot this further.

Hi Sonia, 

Just enabled the widget in your account!

Hi Linda and Matthew, the widget is now available in your accounts. Please try it out and let me know what you think :) 

We're going to be working on that Virgil. Can I reach out to you to show you some ideas we have around how we can help you achieve that? 

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