[Bug] Searching for a contact on the New Ticket page doesn't search custom fields

If you search for a contact on the Contacts page, it will search in custom fields.

However, if you search for a contact on the New Ticket page, it will not return any results.

This seems like a clear bug in the system.

We use custom fields to identify company branches for one of our customers. Right now, if we need to create a ticket and don't know the name of the specific contact for that branch, we have to:

  1. Go to the contacts page. 1 page load.
  2. Search for the contact by Branch ID. 1 page load.
  3. Click the new ticket button on the contact page. 1 page load.

If we could search directly from the new ticket page, we would only have to wait for the new ticket page to load, rather than having to jump through several pages.

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Would like to pin the problem.

Actually even non custom fields like "Title", "Company" are not searched in "New Ticket" and "New e-mail" pages. At the same time searching by these fields in "Contacts" page works perfectly.

It seems quite logical to unify searching mechanism.

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